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A rapid method of determining the specific gravity of veneer

Madison, Wis. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory
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FOREST PRODUCTS LIBRARY Pri-c or) FOREST RESEARCH LABORATOR OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY A PAIPIIU METHOD CF ININC THE SPECIFIC GRAVITY I CI VENEER Information Reviewed and Peaffirmed December 1953 No. 1391 11111 1 1111Iiimmirm HI FOREST PRODUCTS LABORATORY • MADISON 5, WISCONSIN UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE 'FOREST SERVICE n Cooperation with the University of Wisconsin A RAPID METHOD OF DETERMINING THE SPECIFIC GRAVITY OF VENEER By BENSON H. PAUL, Silviculturist and JOHN P. LIMBACH, Former Forest Products Technologist Forest Products Laboratory, 1 — Forest Service U. S. Department of Agriculture A rapid method of determining the specific gravity of veneer has been devel- oped. A sample of veneer is accurately cut with an ordinary paper trimmer to 100 square centimeters5- (10.0 by 10.0 centimeters) or 50 square centi- meters (7.07 by 7.07 centimeters) depending upon its thickness. The thick ness of the veneer is measured with a micrometer to 0.001 of an inch. The veneer is then attached to a sensitive spring of the type used in a Jolly balance, and a chart is read directly in specific gravity for the given thickness of veneer employed. Parallel readings for allowable tolerances of thickness are included. The specific gravity of the sample at the cur- rent moisture content2 is read directly from the chart. If the veneer, is ovendry, the specific gravity will thus be read directly from the chart. For veneer at a moisture content below the fiber-saturation point, a simple conversion from current specific gravity to an ovendry weight and ovendry volume basis may be made by subtracting the product of a constant and the percent of moisture. Such constants for each species and for groups of species are given. Equipment and Use The equipment required consists of: 1. A paper trimmer with adjustable stop to cut the veneer samples to size. The trimmer is modified as shown by providing a guide and a piece of sand- paper glued to the trimmer surface to

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