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Sidebranching induced by external noise in solutal dendritic growth

The American Physical Society
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  • Interfícies (Ciències Físiques)
  • Nanotecnologia
  • Pel·Lícules Fines
  • Ciència Dels Materials
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  • Nanotechnology
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We have studied sidebranching induced by fluctuations in dendritic growth. The amplitude of sidebranching induced by internal (equilibrium) concentration fluctuations in the case of solidification with solutal diffusion is computed. This amplitude turns out to be significantly smaller than values reported in previous experiments. The effects of other possible sources of fluctuations (of an external origin) are examined by introducing nonconserved noise in a phase-field model. This reproduces the characteristics of sidebranching found in experiments. Results also show that sidebranching induced by external noise is qualitatively similar to that of internal noise, and it is only distinguished by its amplitude.

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