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Letter from M. R. Irwin, Genetics Society of America to Joshua Lederberg

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GENETICS SOCIETY OF AMERICA Department of Gemstier university of Wisconsin Madison 6, Wiscondn UPTON. L. I.. NEW YORK Dr. Joshua Lsderberg Department of Genetic8 University of Wircondn Witon 6, Wfmconmin kah 24, lgfjo Dear Josh, You may hare in mind that the Genetic8 8oolety of America in ticember, 19%. voted to arrange a program at its annu& meeting in September, 1950, to wlebrate the semi-centennial of the founding of genetic8 as a science, A committee (It. C. Rum, C. L. Huskins, I, Michael Lerner, P. C. Mangelrdorf, and myself) was appointed to make plans for this program. The cammittee ha8 reached the definite conclusion that the meeting in 1950 of the &n&la8 Society is a very appropriate tias to review and assess the progress In genetics and its contribution to other fields in these 50 y8ar8. tithermore, the committee feel8 that tijir is an important occasion, not only for genetfas and biology, but for the progress of science generally. 'Phere is no need to Inform you of the dfragreement in various parts of the world over the basic principles of genetics, nor that the freedoms necessary for scientific inquiry are being challenged in some countrlw. It is th8 considered opinion of the program committee that the best answer to the anti- genetius propaganda, and anti-tince prepaganda, in general, is to present a program at this Golden Jubilee which will put principal emphasis on the positive aohievemente of @rustics, both theoretfcal and applied. 'phi8 sheuld not be done in a spirit of either boastfu&a888 or complacency, but 114Terthsle88 rhould rtress aocompllshmentswith empha8i8 on th8 conditions of fr8edoa and international cooperation among scientists under which the progress wa8 mad8. l!To single science has a better opportunity to speak for the cause of the freedom of aofence in general than has genetios during this @oldon Jubilee mar. It Is proposed that the meeting8 begin with re&# attention to the hi8tOriCal aspects. 80~ of

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