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Letter from Vera M. Crossley to Joshua Lederberg

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CENTRAL : TORONTO 360 c.HRlSTlC STREET REGIONAL FORT WILLIAM *ENOR* KINGSTON KIRKL*ND L*KE LONDON NORTH Et*y OTTAWA ASSOCIATED BELLEVILLE ONTARIO KIVZHENER ST. CATHARlNES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH STR*TFORo WOODSTOCK DIVISION OF LABORATORIES Central Laboratory Division of Laboratories, 360 Christie St., Toronto, Ontario., January 12, 1953. Dr. Joshua Lederberg, Associate Professor of Genetics College of Agriculture, 73.l8 tiIliVtF?l'Si~ Of WisWnsin, Madison, 6, Wisconsin. Dear Dr. Lederberg;- Since 1945 soluble starch agar as described by us in the Journal of Bacteriology in 1946, has been in constant use in these Laboratories for conditioning Salmonella cultures. In that period of time no culture has failed to respond, - either stock strains or those submitted for identification. Cultures exhibiting varying degrees of roughness have been encountered. From those that had all the R. characteristics to those that appeared smooth and were stable in broth and saline but failed to agglutinate in smooth 0 antiserum. From all these it has been possible to obtain a sIIlocjth "0" antigen. It is absolutely essential that the media be freshly prepared. lhis medium has been used successfully both by ourselves and by J.M. Desranleau in the preparation of Vi antigen. Th8 Vi 1 strain tends to degrade to the rough state very readily. In answer to your question as to whether our results have been repeated in other Laboratories, I would refer you to the following papers: W.R. Hinshaw and Ethel McNeil, Dept. Vet. SC., University California, David, Cal. Lizards as carriers of Salmonella and paracolon bacteria. J. Bact. Vol. 53 No. 6, June 1947. Maurrice Saint - Martin and Jean - Brc Desranleau. Div. of Labs., Quebec Min. of Health, Bdontreal, Canada. Results obtained with a glycerolated Vi antigen in the detection of chronic typhoid carriers. Am. J. Pm. Heal-01. 41 No. 6, June 1951. Included herewith is a reprint of our paper. Yours

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