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Rekommendationer angående inköp- och lagerhantering på Tetra Pak Business Support

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  • Technology And Engineering
  • Computer Science


Abstract This Master Thesis project was carried out at Tetra Pak Business Support (TPBuS), which is a company within the Tetra Pak group. Tetra Pak is a global company, they supply packaging solutions for the packaging industry. TPBuS main task is to support the core activities. They provide services such as goods handling, a company restaurant and a company shop for office equipment and supplies. Services provided by TPBuS are only to be used by other companies within the Tetra Pak group and TPBuS is to carry its cost but not to make any profit. The starting point for this project was that TPBuS management felt that the use of their computer systems was not coordinated. TPBuS wanted to know if they could use their existing programmes or if they should purchase new ones. The objective of this Master Thesis is: To present a list of special demands TPBuS have on a purchase and warehouse system. Identify benefits TPBuS could have regarding order, warehouse, purchase, and in/out delivery processes with a purchase and warehouse system. Study if their existing computer systems can be used to fulfil their demands. Also to map present processes and investigate alternative time saving routines. We conducted several interviews with employees on TPBuS, we studied their process charts, in order to understand their business. A firm of consultants made the process charts a few months before we came to Tetra Pak. Unfortunately they were not detailed enough for our purpose. In order to make the list of special demands as accurate as possible we looked for suitable theory in the library, on the Internet and in articles. Having analysed if their current computer systems could support their purchase and warehouse processes, our conclusion is that it is better to use a standardised system instead of developing their own. Existing purchase system needs too extensive development. Regarding their warehouse system, today they only use it for keeping track of the goods and not for stock balance. Further development has to be done and the supplier of this system consists only of two people. A big risk is taken since the support maybe terminated in a close future and the source may not be available for TPBuS. Our recommendation to TPBuS is to look for a new standard system regarding purchasing and warehousing. The Master Thesis includes a list of functions that we consider TPBuS should require from such a system.

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