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Short-Flagella Mutants of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

The Genetics Society of America
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Six short-flagella mutants were isolated by screening clones of mutagenized Chlamydomonas for slow swimmers. The six mutants identify three unlinked Mendelian genes, with three mutations in gene shf-1, two in shf-2 and one in shf-3. shf-1 and shf-2 have been mapped to chromosomes VI and I, respectively. Two of the shf-1 mutations have temperature-sensitive flagellar-assembly phenotypes, and one shf-2 mutant has a cold-sensitive phenotype. shf shf double mutants were constructed; depending on the alleles present they showed either flagellaless or short-flagella phenotypes. Phenotypic revertants of shf-1 and shf-2 mutants were isolated, and certain of them were found to carry extragenic suppressors, some dominant and some recessive. We suspect that the shf mutations affect components of a specific flagellar size-control system, the existence of which has been suggested by a variety of physiological experiments.

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