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Effect of Filler Loading on the Molecular Movement of Benzene and Toluene through Calcite-Filled Low Density Polyethylene Composites

Institute of Agricultural Research and Development
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  • Sorption
  • Calcite
  • Low Density Polyethylene
  • Composite
  • Filler Loading.
  • Earth Science


The sorption behaviour of the solvents – benzene and toluene in calcite-filled low density polyethylene composite samples at 40oC and 65oC were investigated using gravimetric sorption method. The effect of calcite loading on the molecular movement of benzene and toluene through the calcite-filled LDPE composites revealed that there is increase in the uptake of solvent molecules as the amount of calcite filler in the composite increases. Though, there is anomalous sorption behaviour in few composite samples. This is due to poor dispersion of fillers within the polymer and the effect of air drying during removal of solvent adhering on the surface of samples.Keywords: Sorption, calcite, low density polyethylene, composite, filler loading.

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