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Microbial Antagonisms and Antibiotic Substances

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BOOK REVIEWS 683 picture, quantitative and qualitative, in the various blood diseases described might be of some assistance in the diagnosis and differentiation of those dyscrasias characterized by atypical clinical and peripheral blood findings. Although these minor deficiencies are quite apparent to one in constant contact with hematological problems, the Atlas can be highly recommended to medical students and pediatricians as a succinct clinical-morphological treatise on the more eommon blood diseases of infants and children. -WILLIAM R. PLATT. MICROBIAL ANTAGONISMS AND ANTIBIOTIC SUBSTANCES. By Selman A. Waksman. The Commonwealth Fund, New York, 1945. $3.75. This book has a list of references containing 1016 titles, and the book itself represents a careful digest of the data offered in these many papers, supplemented by the very considerable experience of the author in this field. Anyone who proposes to operate within the field of antibiotics and microbial (used in its broadest sense) antagonisms must have this book, or write one like it. All phases of the subject receive consideration, but the broad biological basis for such phenomena dominates the text. The amount of specific factual data bearing on the problems of antagonisms is such that the book, in effect, becomes a reference work. For that reason, it does not lend itself to review; but it does justify the statement that it is an excellent contribution. -GEO. H. SMITH. ON MODERN SYPHILOTHERAPY: WITH PARTICULAR REFER- ENCE TO SALVARSAN. By Albert Neisser. Translation by Isabelle von Sazenhofen Wartenberg; with Biography and Bibliography by Frances Tomlinson Gardner. The Johns HEopkins Press, Baltimore, 1945. $1. The 42 pages here offered are reprinted from, the Bulletin of the History of Medicine (1944, xvi, 469-510), and embrace an English rendering of Neisser's Uber Moderne Syphilistherapie mit Besonderer Beriucksichtigung des Salvarsans, which appeared in 191 1, accompanied -by a brief biography and a bibliography of Neisse

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