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The ebb and flow of civil society and the decline of the Left in Southeast Asia

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Back issues of BCAS publications published on this site are intended for non-commercial use only. Photographs and other graphics that appear in articles are expressly not to be reproduced other than for personal use. All rights reserved. CONTENTS Vol. 24, No. 1: January–March 1992 • Garry Rodan - Singapore’s Leadership Transition: Erosion or Refinement of Authoritarian Rule? • Richard Lufrano - Nanjing Spring: The 1989 Student Movement in a Provincial Capital • Hua Shiping - All Roads Lead to Democracy: A Critical Analysis of the Writings of Three Chinese Reformist Intellectuals • Su Shaozhi, Wang Ruoshui, and Yan Jiaqi- Responses to Hua Shiping’s All Roads Lead to Democracy • Louise Edwards - Broadening Horizons: Representations of Women in Asia / A Review Essay • Raka Ray - Promissory Notes: Women in the Transition to Socialism / A Review • Martin J. Murray - Confronting the Dilemmas In Socialist Development / A Review Essay • A Tribute to Leo Cawley 1944-1991 BCAS/Critical Asian Studies CCAS Statement of Purpose Critical Asian Studies continues to be inspired by the statement of purpose formulated in 1969 by its parent organization, the Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars (CCAS). CCAS ceased to exist as an organization in 1979, but the BCAS board decided in 1993 that the CCAS Statement of Purpose should be published in our journal at least once a year. We first came together in opposition to the brutal aggression of the United States in Vietnam and to the complicity or silence of our profession with regard to that policy. Those in the field of Asian studies bear responsibility for the consequences of their research and the political posture of their profession. We are concerned about the present unwillingness of specialists to speak out against the implications of an Asian policy committed to en- suring American domination of much of Asia. We reject the le- gitimacy of this aim, and attempt to chang

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