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Studies on the Improvement of the Manuring Effect of Phosphatic Fertilizers in Volcanic Ash Soils : (3) Further Investigation on the Placement of Phosphatic Fertilizer.

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1) Influences of mixed rate of soil to phosphorus and mixed application of magnesium sulfate with the phosphate upon the manuring effect of phosphatic fertilizer were further investigated in use of radioisotope P^<32>. 2) Experiments were carried out by cropping radish in bottomless drain pipes. Experimental plots were as follows: (1) non phosphorus (2) P_2O_5 1: soil 50 mixture (3) P_2O_5 1: soil 100 mixture (corresponding to the soil phosphorus absorptive coefficient) (4) P_2O_5 1: soil 200 mixture (5) P_2O_5 1: soil 100 mixture+MgSO_4 3) The 1: 100 ratio of phosphorus to soil, corresponding to the soil phosphorus absorptive coefficient, was high in both yield and phosphorus uptake of the crop and adding of magnesium sulfate to it was more effective. These results were well accorded with those of previous reports.^<1)2)> 4) Uptake of radioisotope P^<32> by the crop was the highest in magnesium sulfate mixture plot and was followed in 1: 100 mixture plot. These facts point out that phosphorus contained in phosphatic fertilizer was well utilized by the crop in above manuring procedures.

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