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Proposed reference models for CO2and halogenated hydrocarbons

Advances in Space Research
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DOI: 10.1016/0273-1177(96)00056-7
  • Section 1 Reference Models Of Trace Species Chapter 6


Abstract Previously presented reference models for CO 2 and halogenated hydrocarbons /1/ need to be updated, since atmospheric abundances of almost all species of interest are growing. Because of this growth, reference profiles cannot be obtained by just averaging mixing ratio profiles measured in different years. Instead, relative values with respect to corresponding tropospheric abundances were calculated for stratospheric altitudes, and these relative profiles with respective tropospheric abundances being fixed at 100% could be averaged. Our data base originates from in - situ measurements with whole-air cryogenic sampling and subsequent analyses by GC and GC-MS carried out by MPAE and KFA. Although a few profiles for tropical latitudes (Hyderabad, 17.5°N) and high northern latitudes (Kiruna, 68°N) are available, this report confines itself to northern midlatitudes (France, 44°N) only. It attempts to combine the available data for presentation of reference models of CO 2 (1979 – 1991), CCl 3F and CCl 2F 2 (1977–1991), as well as CCl 4, CClF 3, CF 4, CCl 2FCClF 2, CClF 2CClF 2, CClF 2CF 3, CF 3CF 3, CH 3Cl. CHClF 2, CH 3CCL 3, CBrClF 2 and CBrF 3 (1980–1991).

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