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Economy and Pollicy with a Special Review on Coutries in Transition

University of Zagreb, faculty of Law, Study centre for Social Work; [email protected]
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NASE MORE.indd PREGLEDNI ČLANAK / REVIEW TRANSPORT 18 “Naše more” 55(1-2)/2008. IS SN 0 46 9- 62 55 (1 8- 28 ) MANAGING THE INSURANCE RISKS – FACTORS OF PROFITABLE BUSINESS OF INSURANCE COMPANIES Upravljanje rizicima osiguranja – čimbenik profitabilnoga poslovanja osiguravajućih društava Ratko Zelenika, Ph D Full professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Maribor [email protected] Tomaž Lotrič, B Sc Traffic engineer UDK 368.032.1 Summary The insurance market is in our country as well as in other developed countries subject to high competition, because many insurance companies are dealing with insurance business. They need to offer more and more services at a lowest price in order to increase business efficacy. They also need to recognize characteristics, types and extent of different risks and supply the needs of a bigger market. If they wish to reach these goals they often manage insurance risks in order to do profitable business of the insurance companies. Synergetic effects of managing the risks enable them to predict the danger and prevent it. This is a process and structure that together form an optimum of managing the potential possibilities and negative effects. Key words: insurance, characteristics of risks, managing the risks, profitable business of the insurance companies Sažetak Osiguravateljno je tržište u nas kao i u razvijenom svijetu izloženo veoma oštroj konkurenciji jer se djelatnošću osiguranja bave mnogobrojna osiguravajuća društva. Da bi povećala svoju uspješnost poslovanja, ona su primorana nuditi što više osiguravateljnih prizvoda po nižima cijenama. Zbog toga moraju poznavati karakteristike, vrste i opseg mogućih rizika te zadovoljiti potrebe većega opsega tržišta, to jest tržišnih segmenata. U ostvarivanju takvih ciljeva p

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