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Results of surgical correction of anorectal malformations. A 10-30 year follow-up.

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Of 119 patients with surgical correction of anorectal malformations, 47 who were 10-30 years of age were interviewed personally and had manometric studies to evaluate postoperative continence. This clinical study included not only long-term anorectal function but also sexual function. Patients with low type anomalies or with intermediate type anomalies were more likely to be continent, whereas patients with high type lesions had some problems with continence. However, only two of the 16 patients (12%) with high type anomalies were classified as having poor results. This rate is perhaps lower than might be expected. Thus, incontinent patients may become continent even if they were classified as having fecal incontinence before 6 years of age. Most patients who were 15-30 years of age had normal sexual function except for two females with irregular menstruation. These results indicate that achievement of fecal continence and sexual function in patients with high type anomalies treated by abdominoperineal rectoplasty depends on careful dissection as close as possible to the rectal wall and bringing the terminal bowel down exactly within the sling of the puborectal muscle.

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