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Ceramic membrane by tape casting and sol–gel coating for microfiltration and ultrafiltration application

Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids
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DOI: 10.1016/j.jpcs.2009.08.016
  • A. Ceramics
  • A. Microporous Materials
  • B. Sol–Gel Growth
  • C. Thermogravimetric Analysis
  • C. Electron Microscopy


Abstract Alumina membrane filters in the form of thin (0.3–0.8 mm) discs of 25–30 mm diameter suitable for microfiltration application have been fabricated by tape-casting technique. Further using this microfiltration membrane as substrate, boehmite sol coating was applied on it and ultrafiltration membrane with very small thickness was formed. The pore size of the microfiltration membrane could be varied in the range of 0.1–0.7 μm through optimisation of experimental parameter. In addition, each membrane shows a very narrow pore size distribution. The most important factor, which determines the pore size of the membrane, is the initial particle size and its distribution of the ceramic powder. The top thin ultrafiltration, boehmite layer was prepared by sol–gel method, with a thickness of 0.5 μm. Particle size of the sol was approximately 30–40 nm. The structure and formation of the layer was analysed through TEM. At 550 °C formation of the top layer was completed. The pore size of the ultrafiltration membrane measured from TEM micrograph was almost 10 nm. Results of microbial ( Escherichia coli—smallest-sized water-borne bacteria) test confirm the possibility of separation through this membrane

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