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Stężenie całkowitej IgE i antygenowo swoistych IgE w surowicy krwi pępowinowej a obecność objawów chorób atopowych w 1. roku życia

Pediatria Polska
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DOI: 10.1016/s0031-3939(07)70419-5
  • CałKowite I Antygenowo Specyficzne Ige
  • Krew Pępowinowa
  • Atopia
  • Niemowlęta
  • Total And Specific Ige
  • Cord Blood
  • Atopy
  • Infants
  • Medicine


The aim It is crucial to have a method for selecting high risk infants and preventing atopic disorders in children. We assessed correlations of total and specific CB IgE levels with allergic symptoms in the first year of life. Material and methods This study included all neonates born at term. We determined cord blood total and specific IgE levels by immunoassay test. The cohort was observed prospectively for 12 months, and questionnaire was filled 3 times (after birth, in age 6 and 12 month). Multiple logistic regression models were used to assess relationship between atopy family history and incidence of atopic symptoms. At the end of the follow up, infants were divided into 3 groups, basing on CB IgE. Results Atopic symptoms were observed in 26 children of group 1 (40%), 30 of group 2 (47,6%), and 17 infants of group 3 (37,7%), atopic diseases were seen in a similar percentage in all three groups. No other correlation was found. No association between high level total and specific CB IgE with atopy family history and outcome of atopic diseases was discovered. Conclusions There is no correlation between total CB IgE level and presence of atopic symptoms in the first year of life. Total and specific CB IgE levels with atopy family history cannot be used as indicators for selecting high risk of infants.

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