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Letter from W. J. Halliday to Joshua Lederberg

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TELEPHONE : M Bacteriology Department, THE UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND. MEDICAL SCHOOL, HERSTON RD., FORTITUDE VALLEY, N. 1, BRISBANE. Dear D8 Lederberg: July 2, 1957. Thank you very much for your letter and the details of your itinerary. IJe are all 1ooLcing forward eagerly to seeing you both in August. I have delayed repljiirg while I made some enquiries about trips to the Barrier Reef'. 'l'he most accessible reefs are al iieron Island (gaily colored leaflet e!~losed), Ehere there is a mall University experiiilent station, tine of the zoologists there will be glad to show you around the place, and there is a zuest house where you can stay. I bel ieve this is rather primitive, but bearable for a couple of days. The Heron reefs are better than those at more "touristy" resorta, and the tides late iii &eust should be ideal for reefing. There is a. special plane which leak Brisbane for Sladstolle early on Saturday, August 24, and connects with the lauilch for Heron Island, returning on Tuesday, August 27. I have written to Proi. Fenner to see if it will be possible for you to reach Brisbane on duggst 23, and I shall make definite Heron Island bookirxs for you and Esther if this is agrasable to you. The cost is X26/b/b per person, including transport and accommodat ion. Unless I hear from you to the contrary, I shall confirm these arr=gemeilts , provi?ed that they dn not interfere with your Canberra program. I hope you will be able to spend the rest of the week in Brisbane, before going ori totielaide, ar,d we shall arrange some sight-seeing and perhaps a lecture or two if you are willing. The C~~berra$&?!??sfum iave to struggle along without me, I'm afraid, since my travelling funds have bc.en expended for this ~+xc-. Best regards to you both froti June a;nd myself, Sincerely, P.S. Best wishes also to the W right family !

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