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A study of roll motion and roll damping for biased small fishing vessels

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  • Stability Of Ships
  • Ships--Hydrodynamics
  • Fishing Boats--Design And Construction


A STUDY OF ROLL MOTION AND ROLL DAMPING FOR BIASED SMALL FISHING VESSELS BY ©ZH IG U O WANG A thesis submi tte d to the School of Graduat e Studies in part ial fulfil\ment of the degree of Master of Engineering Faculty of Engi neeri ng and Appli ed Sci ence Memo rial U niversity of N ewfoundland May 1992 St . John's Newfoundland Canada 1+1 National Library01Canada Acquisilioos and Bib lk)graphic Scrvces Branch 395Wcllongllll1$I'ecl ClllaW3.Onta1l0 K1AON4 BibliothequcnaliOOaic duCana da Directiondeseccceaoosat des services b ibliogrBpll iqUC$ The author has granted an irrevocable non-exclusive licence allowing the National library of Canada to reproduce, loan , distribute or sell copies of his/her thesis by any means and in any form or format , making this thesis available to interested persons. The author retains ownership of the copyright in his/her thesis . Neither the thesis nor substantial extracts from it may be printed or otherwise reproduced without his/her permission. L'auteur a acecrde une licence irrevocable at non exclusive permetlant a la Blbliotheque nationale du Canada de reprodulre , pretar, distribuer au vendre des copies de sa these de quelque manlere et sous quelque forme que ce soit pour mettre des exemplaires de cette these a la disposition des perscnnes lntere asees. l'auteur conserve la proprlete du drolt d'auteur qui protege sa these. Ni la these ni des extraits substantlels de celle-ci ne doivent etre imp rimes au autremenl repraduits sans son autorisatian . ISB N 0 - 315- 780 92 -4 Canada Abstract Three sets of experimen ts with small fishing vessel mode ls in Ili;IS{' d ,,\)lIIli'I UI1 were conducted at the tow ing ta nk of Memorial University of Newfouudlaud. ,\ simul ation of the asymmet ric rolling motion of one o( the models ill h",l l11 waves witho ut forward speed was also performed. The first set of experimen ts was carried out wit h three HshiuF; Vt~ss" 1 1I111, 1" ls denoted by M363, M365 a nd M

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