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The first finding of a live stygobiont bivalve Congeria in the Lika region, Croatia

Croatian Natural History Museum
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  • Stigobiontni školjkaš
  • Dreissenidae
  • Congeria
  • Novo Nalazište
  • Rijeka Lika
  • Hrvatska
  • Stygobiont Bivalve
  • Dreissenidae
  • Congeria
  • New Locality
  • Lika River
  • Croatia
  • Ecology


By the side of the three already known separate populations of relic stygobiont bivalves of the genus Congeria in the Dinaric karst (Bela Krajina /Slovenia/, western Bosnia /Bosnia and Herzegovina/ and Dalmatia-Herzegovina /Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina/) a new population has been found in the underground area of North Velebit, in the drain part of the Lika River, Croatia. After the discovery of part of a shell on the bottom of Lukina Jama pit (–1392 m deep), thousands of specimens of Congeria have been found in Markov Ponor, all the way through more than 1700 m of underground tunnels. As well as a list of associated fauna, a description is provided of some of the ecological factors of the biotope whose temperature reaches a maximum of +6 °C, the lowest temperature in the habitats known.

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