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Effect of Yttria in Sintering Behaviour of Alumina

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  • Ceramic Materials


Densification of alumina has been studied in the present work in presence of yttria. Yttria as dopant has been added to the extent of 0.5, 1 and 2 weight % to pure alumina and studied for pressure-less sintering. Pellets of without and with yttria containing compositions were sintered at 15500C 16000C, 16500C and then characterized for densification, phase analysis and SEM & EDAX studies. A new phase, Y3Al5O12, has been observed in the sintered samples indicating reactions between alumina and dopant phase. Results reveal that yttria is a beneficial sintering additive for alumina on sintering at 16500C, at lower temperatures it has a hindering effect on sintering. Microstructural study indicates the improvement and EDAX study confirm the presence of yttrium and aluminium containing oxide phases, observed as brighter grains.

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