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Utilisation of Municipal Waste Water in Aerobic Composting of Solid Organic Waste of Bhubaneswar City

서울대학교 환경대학원
Publication Date
  • Municipal Solid Wastes (Msw)
  • Sewage Water
  • Aerobic Composting
  • Windrows
  • C:N Ratio


Approximately 600 tons of solid organic wastes and a huge bulk of sewage water are generated in Bhubaneswar city, Orissa, India daily endangering the urban environment. Solid wastes in windrows with sewage water inoculum decomposed faster compared to cow dung slurry and plain water treated wastes. C:N and C:P ratios declined relatively faster in sewage water treated windrows than cow dung slurry and water treated windrows during the experimental period of 45 days. The results indicated that the Bhubaneswar Municipal sewage water would be successfully utilised in solid waste composting.

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