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Analysis of intermetallic swelling on the behavior of a hybrid solution for compressed hydrogen storage – Part II: Finite element method simulation

Materials & Design (1980-2015)
DOI: 10.1016/j.matdes.2011.11.056


Abstract The second part of this article is dedicated to a Finites Elements Models (FEM) simulation of a hybrid vessel for hydrogen storage. This solution is made of a composite carbon/epoxy reinforcement coated on a metal liner first rolled up with an intermetallic material. The finite element method is a practical tool to study pressure vessel, especially when the local swelling of the intermetallic is introduced. In Part I, we presented an analytical modeling that allows to predict the effect of the intermetallic swelling on the mechanical response of the liner but also of the composite, while an homogeneous leakage of hydrogen has occurred. Different sequences of the multilayer composite were investigated. In the first step of Part II, a good agreement is obtained between the analytical results of Part I and the numerical results of FEM for homogeneous before any swelling. The second step of Part II is to focus on the local swelling of the intermetallic using a finite element analysis, assuming a local hydrogen leakage. Attention is paid on two different scenarios: After Isotropic Local Swelling (AILS) and an After Anisotropic Local Swelling (AALS). Results for both scenarios are then discussed.

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