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Moderní manažerské metody a techniky jako faktor konkurenceschopnosti podnikatelského subjektu

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  • Manažerské Metody A Techniky
  • Komunikace
  • Konkurence
  • Týmové Vztahy
  • Motivace
  • Management Methods And Techniques
  • Communication
  • Competition
  • Team Relationships
  • Motivation


There are many methods and management techniques, and given that competition strengthens significantly, it is necessary to introduce new management trends and elements. Prepared management is not afraid to go to change and achieve long-term strategic objectives. The aim of this study is to analyze the methods and techniques used by the proceedings of company and from the findings propose measures that would improve the current situation and contribute to the effectiveness of activities carried out and control systems. The research results showed that both organizations are applying modern techniques in management, the differences are minimal. Companies are approaching a general trend in the use of a participatory management style. The research results demonstrate that in the managerial positions are also women. The two companies does not competitive analysis. There are appeals for a change. In conclusion, the two companies pay attention to management systems, and are aware of the managers? mission in modern company.

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