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Specifičnost socijalnih vještina školske djece za vrijeme nastave tjelesnog odgoja

Faculty of teacher education
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  • Level Of Social Skills
  • Physical Education Classes
  • Social Skills.
  • Razina Socijalnih Vještina
  • Tjelesni Odgoj
  • Socijalne Vještine
  • Education


The objective of the study was to analyse the level of schoolchildren's social skills during physical education classes, and to examine specificity of social skills among schoolchildren during physical education classes. The analysis included 364 schoolchildren (178 male and 186 female students). The data were collected according to social skills inventory prepared by Bakutyte and adapted by Sniras and Malinauskas. An original conception of the exploration of schoolchildren’s social skills during physical education classes is presented and efficiently applied; it is a unique study dealing with gender differences in schoolchildren’s social skills during physical education classes. It has been revealed that female students show higher levels of the following social skills: willingness to console (p<0.01), and to help (p<0.01), not pretending (p<0.05), not cheating (p<0.05), and not humiliating others (p<0.05).

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