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Miglioramento della didattica pratica relativa alla sterilizzazione chirurgica del gatto

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  • Vet/10 Clinica Ostetrica E Ginecologia Veterinaria
  • Education
  • Medicine


The need to study the efficacy of the practical teaching methods of pet’s surgical neutering rose because in the period in which we have done our experimentation there were few possibilities for the students to do this kind of surgical operation, there were no continuative cooperation programs between Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH) and shelters (so students met more complex specialty cases than routine operations as surgical neutering) and there was no synergy between theory and practical activities (students could do practical activities before they pass the exam). Moreover, in Europe VTH is a necessary facility for veterinary instruction. Furthermore, at present time is necessary to improve shelter animals life and to control overpopulation. Trying to improve this situation we propose these goals: Increase practical activities with continuative cooperation programs between VTH and shelters; offer students guaranteed and repetitive operations; obtain a synergy between theory and practical activities through an introductory lesson and a web site; improve research methods of students’ technical skills perception.

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