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Las empresas transnacionales como agentes centrales de la globalización neoliberal, elementos de discusión para una propuesta de políticas alternativas

Lan Harremanak. Revista de Relaciones Laborales
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  • Economics
  • Political Science


No doubt, transnational companies have a key role in the process of the internationalization of capital. The growing centralization and concentration of capitals that we have witnessed in recent years go hand in hand with the increasing role that transnational companies have acquired during the same period. Such companies as well as those factors play a key role in the creation and adoption of neoliberal policies that, since the 80s, have been unleashed all around the world; which is why, it is essential to analyse them when dealing with alternative policies aimed at creating a different globalization. This paper is divided into four parts. The first tackles some central, clarifying elements about capitalism, taking into account that the process of the globalization-internationalization of capital is going through an acceleration process. Based on that, we can get an idea about the current transnational companies. The second part discusses some of the policies that transnational companies follow as regards competition among countries and among employees, such being one of the nodal aspects on which neoliberal economy rests. In the third part, we provide a short explanation about the policies that transnational companies have so far adopted on an international scale as regards the appropriation of human knowledge and which have been mentioned in discussions concerning «intellectual property rights» as well as in «agreements on bilateral protection of investments». Finally, some proposals and deliberations are provided on various measures to be taken at an international scale, so as to favour the emergence of another type of globalization and a greater control over transnational companies.

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