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Zakon o posredovanju pri zapošljavanju i pravima za vrijeme nezaposlenosti

Faculty of Law University of Rijeka
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  • Zakon
  • Posredovanje Pri Zapošljavanju
  • Prava Za Nezaposlenosti
  • Nezaposlena Osoba
  • Law
  • Job-Finding Services
  • Rights During The Unemployment
  • Unemployed Person
  • Economics
  • Education


The Croatian Parliament enacted the Law on Job-Finding Services and Rights during the Unemployment in session held on 2nd of July, 2008. The Law regulates job-finding services, professional orientation, education to increase labour force employment, unemployment insurance, taking active actions at labour market to promote special and professional labour force mobility, new employment and self-employment, monetary sources to support Croatian Employment Office activities, its structure, management and scope of activities. Unemployment insurance is the only activity which Croatian Employment Office performs independently among other activities prescribed by the Law. All the other activities can be performed by all other subjects “for the unemployed, job seekers/hunters, employers and other persons who demand advices and information on conditions and employment possibilities.” It must be stressed that Croatian Employment Office loses the monopoly in providing job-finding services and rights during the unemployment. The Law entered into force on 1st of January, 2009, except the Article 8 (“Citizens of the European area member states shall have the same rights and duties settled by this Law as Croatian citizens.”), which shall enter into force on the day of the acceptance of Croatia into the full membership of the European Union.

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