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A Study on the Service Quality and it’s Relation to CRM in Telecom Industry

Industrial Engineering Letters
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The Indian telecommunications network is the third largest in the world and the second largest among the emerging economies of Asia. Today, it is the fastest growing market in the world. In this article an attempt has been made to study the service quality of the telecom service providers to find out the theoretical related to the concepts of Service quality in telecom sector. The objective of this paper is to explore the key dimensions of service quality for mobile services in the telecom sector and to ascertain which aspect of service quality have significant impact on customer satisfaction and after analysis suggest remedial measures to the companies under study. This study is very necessary as the service providers are providing the service and the consumer are there who are using or utilising those services which is being provided by various telecom service providers. Whether the services which are being provided by this service provider are quality based or not, it’s very important to know. It’s very significant to know how this service provider is performing their services and how consumers are rating the services which they are utilising from those service providers. To explore few dimension of perceived service quality in the mind set of customers of telecommunication industry and to find out the significant gap between customer expectation and service provider performance with respect to service delivery. SQE6 –SQExperiance6 with significant value of 0.006, SQE7 –SQExperience7 with significant value of 0.014, SQE8 –SQExperience8 with significant value of 0.035, SQE14 –SQExperience14 with significant value of 0.019. Key Words: Service Quality, CRM, Customer Satisfaction, Telecommunication, Tangibility, Assurance, Network Quality, Empathy, Reliability

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