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Nezaměstnanost a její dopady na jednotlivce

Publication Date
  • Nezaměstnanost
  • Nezaměstnaný
  • Jednotlivec
  • Práce
  • člověk
  • Společnost
  • Zdraví
  • Sociální Událost
  • Sociální Postavení
  • Sociální Role
  • životní úroveň
  • Pracovní Návyky
  • Sociálně Negativní Jevy
  • Státní Politika Zaměstnanosti
  • Ministerstvo Práce A Sociálních Věcí České Republiky
  • úřad Práce
  • Unemployment
  • Unemployed
  • Individual
  • Work
  • Man
  • Society
  • Health
  • Social Event
  • Social Status
  • Social Role
  • Standard Of Living
  • Work Habits
  • Socially Negative Phenomena
  • National Unemployment Policy
  • Ministry Of Labour And Social Affairs Of The Czech Republic
  • Labour Office
  • Biology
  • Economics
  • Medicine


The object of the thesis is to explain one of the phenomena of the Czech Republic{\crq}s modern history: unemployment, an issue with which the whole globalized society of the present has to cope. The thesis aims to draw attention to the impact of unemployment on an individual{\crq}s life, trying to outline the significance of unemployment in our lives and find out how much importance we attach to work and what losing a job means to us.The thesis gives a definition of unemployment, presents its evolution and types and explains national unemployment policy and ways of reducing unemployment. It studies the relations between unemployment and an individual{\crq}s health and deals with the importance of work for people. The thesis concerns unemployment and its social context. It looks at the issues of a loss of social status, a new social role of the unemployed person, his/her lifestyle and socially pathological phenomena occurring as a result of unemployment. In the end, the thesis offers recommendations to people who have lost their jobs.

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