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Preference rating and other characteristics of a few promising Eragrostis curvula ecotypes as determined by grazing sheep

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Eragrostis curvula cv, Ermelo, as control, was tested against several ecotypes at two localities in the Transvaal Highveld in respect of dry matter yield, percentage utilization, preference rating and herbage quality, using sheep mainly, as tester animals. The ecotypes were: Ermelo 228, Morpa 222, Tanganyika 192, Renner 274, Rietspruit 267, Thabamhlope 175, Makwassie 150, Pearston 204, and Cape Province 5. Makwassie 150 showed up well in regard to preference rating, herbage quality and percentage utilization, but lost a little on dry matter yield. Cape Province 5 also performed well. Pearston 204, Ermelo 228, and Morpa 222 came next in preference rating and utilization, with Ermalo consistently outyielding the others. Tanganyika, Renner, Rietspruit and Thabamhlope were consistently poor in regard to preference rating and utilization percentage . African Journal of Range and Forage Science Vol. 18 (1)1983: pp.61_63

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