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Report on aids in agriculture. Information Memo P-45/63, November 1963

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  • Agricultural Science


r gFlrrlsrt rJ ttro Conrmisslon I P-45/63 Brussels o l{ovember I L/VJ LiEqqdr -0r{ 4lps II AcBr,g.uLluRg The Conmission has just subrnitted to the Couucil a reporf on aids in agricul-ture. On June 29t 1952 the Council" agreed to the 0ommissi-onrs proposal t}rat it should draw up a complete list of State e-ids or aids grantecl from public funds in the agricul-tural field, v;hatever their forr4. The scope of this report, however, is more linited, since it does not cover rneasures liable to di-stort cornpetition where these do not forropart of agricultural po1.icy. These include neasures corning under the transport poric;/ (see-/r-rtilles 79 a.nd Bo of the EF;C Treaty), tax harmonization (/rrticles 95 et seq) anri the rules of competition applying; to enterpri,ses (Articles 85 et seq). Nevertheless, the Conmission wiil give priority to examining these problerns in so far as they have auy effect on competition in agriculture. Refund"s ancl intervention expJ-icitly provided for in the agricultura-l regulations are also excluded. The report on the f i.r'st year's operatiorL of thc'se regulations , horr'rever, de:l1s fu11y vrith the ef f ect of these rt.funCs a.ncl i.ntervention on competition among the nember eounbries. Aia cur;'ently granted to exports outsidc the Contniunity will be examireC bi'the Oonniission either as part of the comnon agricu1.tur4lpolicy or as part of the action proflramne on the common commercial p oi.ic 1,' . Lastly, the Cornmission has not i-ncluded in its report lists tlrat are stiLl to be completed or clarified, Among these are the Lists of a.ids for pork cuts, sugax a.tid fats, tobacco, flax and hemp, and the list covering a nunber of genera-1 erids, Oniy certaj-n of the regiona.l aids are inciucleo, since on these fu11 information has not yet been supplied. Regulation No. 25 p::ovides for tiie application of certaj-n rules of comllctition to thc production of and in agriculiural produce' Consequent].y thc Commissionr actlng in conjuncfion with

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