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ABSTRACT :Along with the development of todays technology, cell phone is not only used asa communication tool but it has many other uses. Various additional featuresincluded in cell phones such as the facility to listen to the radio, listening tomusic and taking pictures by a camera. also a variety of applications has beendeveloped to support the ability of cell phones. The facilities are much indemand as one of them is the camera facilities. Application that supports thecamera device in mobile phones also vary, such as applications to send imagescaptured with the camera feature on cell phones. The number of mobile phoneusers who use the camera facility and the need to send more pictures in strictconfidence the authors make an application special delivery of images to be sentto a specific server / special to the picture that was sent more strict confidence.Programming language used to create these applications is Java 2 Micro Edition.This application consists of four menus that capture to take pictures using thecamera device in mobile phones, which serves archives menu to display a list ofimages that have been saved, the settings menu to enter the address of the serverand provide a name for cell phone, and log menu displays information from theconnection that happens after the image is sent. From the results of trials thathave been made, it can be said that this program can work well. By using theimage transfer applications it is expected to provide another option for mobilephone users with the facility wants a camera that can send images with morestrict confidence.

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