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Conclusion:The Ecological Economic Synthesis for Sustainability

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New Book Notification INNOVATION FOR SUSTAINABILITY African and European Perspectives Editors: Mammo Muchie and Angathevar Baskaran ISBN: 978-0-7983-0346-0 Size: 245 x 170mm Extent: 198 Pages Price: R150.00 Availability: January 2013 Co-Published by AISA, TUT and AALBORG UNIVERSITY The innovation system theory has to deal with climate change as it generates the intellectual tools to promote development. A unified innovation system theory that integrates the eradication of threats to nature with the promotion of development is critically important to advance an original pedigree and trajectory of epistemology. Africa must learn and appreciate the costs to itself from the way Europe industrialised. It can neither follow nor imitate the European pattern of industrialisation. It has to include in its own development agenda both the meeting of social needs and choosing a path of development that would not bring ecological harm in the process. The African innovation system has to evolve in a nature protecting – rather than hurting – system; in addition, social needs must be met rather than exacerbating the social inequalities path of development. Contents Preface Contributing authors Introduction Chapter 1 The Uptake of Environmentally Sensitive Innovation to Transform Production Systems in Sub- Saharan Africa Mammo Muchie Introduction Case study of cleaner production examples from Tanzania Example of cleaner production assessments in Zimbabwe The significance of cleaner production from the few cases in Zimbabwe Problems of cleaner technology transfer into Africa Conclusion: the uptake of ests in firms and industrial policy Notes and references Chapter 2 Climate Debt Owed to Africa: What to Demand and How to Collect? Patrick Bond Introduction The choice of carbon trading versus climate debt Demanding ecological and climate debt repayment Africa united

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