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Removal of technical barriers. Motor vehicles and agricultural tractors. Information Memo P-1/74, January 1974

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  • Agricultural Science
  • Design


XOMMISSIONEN FOR OE EUROP'€ISKE FIELLESSKABERS - KOMMISSION DER EUROPAISCHEN GEMEINSCHAFTEN- COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES - COMMISSION OES COMMUNAUTES EUROPEENNES * CoMMlsslONE oAL.t'iHl ]icorquNtTi EURoPEE - coMMtsstE vaN oE EURopEsE cEMEENscHAPFEN ALSMANq-ENS GRUPPE PREC H E R GRUPPE 95PoKESMAN's cRouP CROUPE OU PORT.F:PAROLE GRUPPO DEL PORTAVOCE BUREAU VAN DE WOORDVOERDER Htllnrrlffi fi TllRMTIIRI SCHE AUFZEIBH]IU]IS ffit0ntATt0lf tEt0 I 'P-t I lforE olilr0nilATror il 0TA, Il' | ilr0-Rlrl A z | 0l{ E TER ll(lf,IIMEIITIE .1.. Brrrssels, January 1974 ' . - ;r :l' !.' Remorral of Technical .Barriers i-'l '', . t Uotor vehicles Eurd:agricultural traitors .: '..t. . 'i Acting rvithin the generol prograntre for thb remorraf of-technic'al i bartriers *o trade,, tlelGoprofssion; has. jr.rst placgd before the O..ouncil, thnee,.: proposale for directives which nark new steps for"war'd in the direction of & , complete"+Jn9e-approv;ll pib,6eA'rb6*1ii'trhi SC';for motbr vehlcles r, and' aleo b : proposa1inthe..agiquItura}tractor'.lFector|re1at1ngtofie1d'ofvisi'on' .:' ''' eir d"O.aitional aim of these forr proposals is to ensure the fpee.noye- nent of goods and to improve road safetf. i ' : : ' i r ;: 'L .. l -. i .The f irst ; pToposal .,c,gyerp gxt ernal proi e_c_tjl oJrF onite ain ip,to reduce.,the riski of injury to anyone hit or of a vehicle in a collision. motor vehiclcs atd 'gra.z& by the body The renainlng two::prop'6'isJis rii ttietrirtt'o:$ilr.h161u sector are for the harrnonization of regulationsr€pyeT+49t,!he design of rnotor vehicle &g]ggg ard refLectors o'Both propogalg'idddritdlate techniod,f dpeicifications covering $,eqi$Gnd]TilE ,tests which the fogla:nps and the refl.,ectors have to u.rd.ergoin.orlter to'qualify for the Conrnr:nity authentication mark whiCh enablps them to'be'offeied. on the rrarket aE conponentg' ard.'fi'tterl to rnotorlvehlbl'es':ir accord.ahce nith the specifications gove:rxg1ng their installa

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