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Miscellanea Palaeontologica 2011

Belgique, Liège : Paléogéobio. Paléobot. Paléopalyno.
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Microsoft Word - PPMB2011.docx Palynologists and Plant Micropalaeontologists of Belgium (PPMB) Miscellanea palaeontologica 2011 Program and abstracts Edited by Philippe STEEMANS & Philippe GERRIENNE A meeting of the NFSR Working Group: “Micropaléontologie végétale et Palynologie (MVP)” Palaeobiogeology, Palaeobotany & Palaeopalynology Geology Department University of Liège November 30, 2011 MVP-PPMB meeting - Liège, November 30, 2011 2 Programme 09.40 - Welcome café 09.55 - Mot du président P. Steemans 10.00 - J. Mortier, J. A. Zalasiewicz & J. Verniers - Lithostratigraphy and biostratigraphy with chitinozoans and graptolites of the ravine 700 m east section of Neuville-sous-Huy (upper Llandovery to middle Wenlock), Condroz Inlier, Belgium. 10.20 - P. Gonez & P. Gerrienne - Les plantes du Lochkovien du bassin du Paraná (Brésil) : nouvelles données, synthèse et perspectives. 10.40 - P. Gerrienne, P. G. Gensel, C. Strullu-Derrien, H. Lardeux, P. Steemans & C. Prestianni - The earliest evidence of secondary growth in plants. 11.00 - C. Prestianni, J. J. Rustán, N. E. Vaccari, A. F. Sterren, C. V. Rubinstein & P. Steemans - A new record of fossil plants in Argentina: implications on the Upper Devonian-lowermost Carboniferous stratigraphic records. 11.20 - M. Farahimanesh, P. Gerrienne, C. Prestianni & J. Galtier - Study of the flora preserved in coal balls of Bouxharmont from the Lower Pennsylvanian of Belgium. 11.40 - C. Mbesse & E. Roche - Analyse palynologique de quatre séquences sédimentaires du Bassin de Douala à la limite Paléocène - Eocène. 12.00 - Pause déjeuner 13.30 - A. Bekker - Environmental framework for life evolution (lessons from more than 200 years of geology). 13.55 - E. Javaux - Macroevolution in early eukaryotes. 14.15 - K. Verhoeven, S. Louwye, J. Eiríksson & S. De Schepper - Age diagnostic, ocea

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