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Leading Article Snippets Snippets from the world wide web Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health, 2006; 35: 97-98 Heptavalent Pneumococcal Vaccine May Reduce Penicillin Non-susceptible Organisms A sero-prevalence survey suggests that widespread use of this vaccine reduced the prevalence of penicillin- resistant S. pneumoniae, changing empiric selection for otitis media. bin1/DM/y/e44l0EIZ1O0DzQ0Hf2P0Ec Children May Not Need Antibiotics for Acute Infective Conjunctivitis Results of a randomized, double-blind trial suggest that the disease will resolve in most healthy children without medication. bin1/DM/y/e44l0EIZ1O0DzQ0GiyL0El Pine Bark Extract May Effectively Treat ADHD in Boys A randomized trial suggests that this component of pine bark extract may be a natural supplement to relieve symptoms of ADHD in children, especially in boys. bin1/DM/y/e44l0EIZ1O0DzQ0Hf2Q0Ed Fruit and Vegetable Intake May Improve Bone Mineral Content Higher intake of fruits and vegetables may have positive effects on bone mineral status in both younger and older age groups, especially at the spine and femoral neck. bin1/DM/y/e44l0EIZ1O0DzQ0HfyM0Ek Probiotic Supplement Curbs Candida in Preterm Neonates Oral supplementation with lactobacillus casei subspecies rhamnosus reduces incidence & intensity of enteric colonization by Candida species in very low birth weight neonates, Italian researchers report in the June 15th issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases. bin1/DM/y/e44l0EIZ1O0DzQ0Hf220E7 UV Irradiation in the Home Improves Paediatric Asthma Use of centrally installed ultraviolet irradiation units in the homes of mould-sensitized asthmatic children can reduce airway hyper-responsiveness

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