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Business intelligence solutions have witnessed an unprecedented growth over the last decade and the companies that offer them known periods of spectacular increase even during recession periods. The optimization and automation of a process by the means of a BI solution contributes to the reduction of operational costs. A BI application offers a quick and clear image of the whole activity, of the cost overrun and allows taking corrective measures in due course. Being aware of the importance of human resources and of their good management, one of the managers’ priorities is to choose a system of human resource management as complex as possible to optimize work in the process of personnel management. In this article I have presented a BI solution implemented by the means of QlikView application that is used for human resource administration. Since there are many advantages to outsourcing the services within human resources I have taken as an example a company that offers this type of services to many client companies. The reports and the analyses obtained lead to an increase in the efficiency and profitability of the work carried by the employees of the customer company, through a better use of the existent competencies, taking into account the achieved progresses and through an efficient use of the financial resources dedicated to improving the work of the personnel. The BI solution presented here offers the managers a complete image of the resources, costs and personnel performance at the level of the whole organization as well as the data they need, when they need it, in order to make the best decisions regarding the company personnel.

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