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Crisis Management in Thailand:the Ambivalence of New Keynesian Response

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Human Geography 18 Research Center on Development and International Relations, Aalborg University, Denmark Johannes Dragsbaek Schmidt A CACophony of Crises systemiC fAilure And reAsserting people’s rights Abstract A cacophony of crises challenges neoliberalism and marks a fundamental reversal in capitalism itself. This is a systemic failure of the capitalist mode of production to renovate and renew itself through a multiplicity of environmental and resource crises and the financial crises which has important links with the real economy. Capitalism cannot survive by simply inventing new institutions – global or national – or by shifting to another phase. New nationalisms and protectionisms loom on the horizon, while darker shades of xenophobia are another possible scenario. A further possibility lies in the emergence of informal- ized labor markets and economies as a result of the last phase of neoliberal globalization. Informalization or disposessed surplus labor has some revolutionary potential. The paper discusses various alterna- tives based on the new economy of the informal- ized sectors Keywords: crisis, neo-liberalism, globalization, nation- alism, protectionism, labor, capital, informaliza- tion, alternatives The Investor’s Prayer Paul Lafargue (16 June 1842 - 26 November 1911), a French Marxist, was Karl Marx’s son-in-law. This prayer is excerpted from his satire The Religion of Capital published in French La Religion du Capital 1887. My father, CAPITAL, who are on earth, Almighty God, who changest the course of rivers, tunnelest mountains, sepa- ratest contiguous shores, and meltest into one distant nations. Creator of Merchandise, and Source of Life, oh, Thou, who rulest Kings and subjects, laborers and employers, may Thy Kingdom be for evermore on earth. Give us plentiful purchasers to take our goods off our hands, without looking too closely whether these be genuine or shoddy, pure or adulterated. Give us need

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