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Evidence of spatially bound gene regulation in Mus musculus: Decreased gene expression proximal to microRNA genomic location

National Academy of Sciences
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  • Biological Sciences


The extent, spatially and in time, of the phenomenon of localized decreased expression in the chromosomal vicinity of microRNA (miRNA) previously described in Caenorhabditis elegans is reproduced in Mus musculus across a wide range of tissues in several independent experiments. Computationally predicted miRNA targets are enriched in the vicinity of miRNAs, and transcription factors are identified as the class of genes that systematically exhibit this localized decrease. Also, those mRNA with AT-rich UTRs, particularly those that are not in the vicinity of CpG islands, most often exhibit this localized decrease. This localization broadens with the shift from developing to mature/differentiated tissues and suggests a developmentally controlled and spatially bound regulation.

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