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CYGD: the Comprehensive Yeast Genome Database

  • U. Güldener
  • M. Münsterkötter
  • G. Kastenmüller
  • N. Strack
  • J. van Helden
  • C. Lemer
  • J. Richelles
  • S. J. Wodak
  • J. García-Martínez
  • J. E. Pérez-Ortín
  • H. Michael
  • A. Kaps
  • E. Talla
  • B. Dujon
  • B. André
  • J. L. Souciet
  • J. De Montigny
  • E. Bon
  • C. Gaillardin
  • H. W. Mewes
Oxford University Press
Publication Date
Dec 17, 2004
  • Biology


The Comprehensive Yeast Genome Database (CYGD) compiles a comprehensive data resource for information on the cellular functions of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and related species, chosen as the best understood model organism for eukaryotes. The database serves as a common resource generated by a European consortium, going beyond the provision of sequence information and functional annotations on individual genes and proteins. In addition, it provides information on the physical and functional interactions among proteins as well as other genetic elements. These cellular networks include metabolic and regulatory pathways, signal transduction and transport processes as well as co-regulated gene clusters. As more yeast genomes are published, their annotation becomes greatly facilitated using S.cerevisiae as a reference. CYGD provides a way of exploring related genomes with the aid of the S.cerevisiae genome as a backbone and SIMAP, the Similarity Matrix of Proteins. The comprehensive resource is available under

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