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Cyclicity and hierarchy in sequence stratigraphy: an integrated approach

  • Fragoso, Daniel Galvão Carnier
  • Gabaglia, Guilherme Pederneiras Raja
  • Magalhães, Antonio Jorge Campos
  • Scherer, Claiton Marlon dos Santos
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2021
Scientific Electronic Library Online - Brazil
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Abstract With standardized methodology and nomenclature, the sequence stratigraphy aims to characterize multi-scale cyclical units of genetically related rocks into a hierarchical chronostratigraphic framework. From facies to basin scale, the stacking patterns and stratigraphic surfaces are recognized as sequence elements. In parallel, Earth sciences have developed a sophisticated understanding of geological processes (tectonic, climatic, and eustatic) that produce the main cyclicity observed in the sedimentary rock record. This review paper discusses how the elaboration of hierarchical stratigraphic frameworks that incorporate the knowledge of these periodic geological processes — from high- to low-frequencies — as the control of generation and preservation of sequences — from high- to low-resolutions — guarantees objective results in predicting vertical recurrence and the lateral correlation of genetic stratigraphic units. This interpretive approach of cyclic stratigraphic analysis supports the development of effective observable criteria to identify and rank sequences in multiple scales, based on cycle anatomy, recurrence, vertical trends, and mappability. This methodological improvement reduces the inaccuracies and contradictions of traditional conceptual models based on fully preserved three-dimensional depositional systems.

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