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Current knowledge on the human eye microbiome: a systematic review of available amplicon and metagenomic sequencing data

  • Delbeke, Heleen; 123241;
  • Younas, Saif;
  • Casteels, Ingele; 13902;
  • Joossens, Marie;
Publication Date
Jun 29, 2020
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Insights in the ocular surface microbiome are still at an early stage and many more questions remain unanswered compared with other human-associated microbial communities. The current knowledge on the human microbiome changed our viewpoint on bacteria and human health and significantly enhanced our understanding of human pathophysiology. Also in ocular medicine, microbiome research might impact treatment. Here, we summarize the current knowledge on ocular microbiome research with a particular focus on potential confounding factors and their effects on microbiome composition. Moreover, we present the ocular surface core microbiome based on current available data and defined it as genera present in almost half of the published control cohorts with a relative abundance of at least 1%. / status: published

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