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Cuidados coletivos de crianças: uma família de famílias

  • Leite, Letícia Sepulveda Teixeira
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Dec 17, 2018
Repositório Institucional UNESP
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This research addresses experiences of child care collectives, also known as parental daycare centers. Objective: to understand the factors that promote its existence; observe their forms of organization in the structural spheres; practical; physicist; and pedagogical; realize their potentialities. It is a qualitative investigation - carried out from documentary and bibliographical sources; sources obtained in databases; scientific magazines; media reports - and a netnographic investigation - made from blogs and online pages created by the participants of the groups studied. This research maintains autobiographical traits, considering that the researcher participated in a collective of mothers. The data obtained are analyzed based on theoretical references on: historical and cultural notions of childhood; the constitution of the family; childcare and early childhood education; maternity and the social constructions of the ways of being reported to the woman / mother today. The results point to the potential that the collectives bring to rethink child education, childhood, and maternity, besides collecting valuable references and data, retaining an unprecedented character, given the scarcity of scientific research on the subject.

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