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我國液晶顯示器產業發展關鍵成功因素 / The Critical Success Factors of LCD Industry Development in Taiwan

  • chang, jui-ming
Publication Date
Jul 01, 2003
FirstTech Institutional Repository


[[abstract]]由於電子資訊應用產品的變化與強大需求,帶動相關產業的發展,目前尤以政府鼓勵發展的「兩兆雙星」重點產業最受矚目。其中液晶顯示器產業為我國新興科技產業,延續半導體產業及資訊應用產品生產之優勢,持續創造產值巔峰。然而值此明星產業發展同時,更應瞭解該產業發展成功的關鍵因素,據以擬定或修正產業發展因應策略,俾助該產業另創高峰。 本研究主要在架構尋找液晶顯示器產業關鍵成功因素的推導模式。首先依Leidecker & Bruno(1984)分析層次,建立該產業競爭優勢條件有「國家總體」、「單一產業」、與「個別企業」三個面向,再據以細分、推演可能成功因素。另依司徒達賢之策略矩陣與Porter的五力分析及一般競爭策略分析,擬定各因素的發展因應策略。接著,依據Anderson Consulting與美國史丹福大學、西北大學共同提出的做法,以探討供應鏈整合可能策略。最後,透過問卷調查,瞭解國內液晶顯示器產業發展的關鍵成功因素、因應策略、與供應鏈整合做法。 研究結果顯示,人才、技術及與企業經營直接關聯的供應鏈環節皆為產業發展的關鍵成功因素,針對渠等因素擬定之各項因應策略亦多為業界所肯定與認同。因此,據此可提供業界及政府依重點擬定策略,以促進產業發展。對於產業供應鏈整合做法,上、中、下游各層級仍有不同,應依現況調整以助整體發展。 最後,本研究建議政府及業界,仍應以人才需求與技術研發為主軸;對於整體產業發展,需強化與鼓勵本土上游材料廠商的投入,並應思索企業整合以避免惡性競爭,阻礙產業發展。 / [[abstract]]The main purpose of the research is to develop a reference model for LCD industry CSF. First, based on Leidecker &Bruno’s(1984)model, three analysis dimensions are identified: national-, industry-, and corporate-level. Individual, possible success factors are then derived from these dimensions. Second, according to Dar-shen Shutu’s and Michael Porter’s Theories, corresponding strategies are developed. Next, supply chain integration practices are derived from the work jointly by Anderson Consulting, Stanford University, and Northwest University. Finally, survey is conducted with respect to the practioners of domestic LCD industry. The result indicates that human resource, technologies, and supply-chain-management (SCM) related issues are all part of the CSFs for LCD industry development. Corresponding strategies designed for these factors are also generally recognized by the industry. It can thus be concluded that the factors and strategies identified by the research can be utilized by the government, industry, or individual enterprise in its strategic planning. As for SCM practices, adjustment has to be made with respect to its position in the supply chain. Finally, it is suggested that the government and the industry should keep focusing on the development of required, professional labor and advanced technologies. Encouragement about the involvement of domestic material supplier along with industry-wide integration is also critical to avoid malignant competition hindering industry development.

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