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Crenças religiosas e comportamento econômico: afinidades eletivas numa empresa familiar

  • Barbosa, Paulo Henrique
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Nov 23, 2018
Repositório Institucional UNESP
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This work discusses the connections and reciprocal influence between religious beliefs and economic behavior, having as object of observation the family business. It has been oriented, mainly, by the theoretical and methodological formulations found on Max Weber, Pierre Bourdieu and Clifford Geertz’s studies, making a dialogue with the specialized theory of administration. It has considered that the family business are a kind of rational-bureaucratic organization, for its economic finality and capitalist nature, that mixes, in different levels during its development, elements of traditional and charismatic domination, for the character of the links between proprietors and leaders. Parallel the structure of corporative governance based on rules strictly defined and positived, it has a symbolic system composed for a historical narrative of the founder and the business family, ethical formulations attributed to those trajectories and a moral consensus between the capital owners for the common business continuation. In specific situations, this symbolic system of the family firm can develop elective affinities with a religious worldview suitable to the specific religious interest of the business family. In a case study, it has considered the Grupo Industrial Jacto, with its main business place in Pompeia, São Paulo. It has been seen that, during the development of the company, economic actions related to decisions about continuity of the common property, administration of family relations, communicative process and the formation of an specific owner-family habitus, fundamental to the formation of heirs and the following generations of owners, have connected to a particular kind of a Christian ethic of the family relations, that, in a significative part, is found on the set of doctrines promoted by Universidade da Família, a religious organization founded and presided over by the brother-shareholder that also has presided over the Administration Council of the business group since its beginning. The coincidence of careers of this key-figure in the business family was the decisive factor for a mutual approach and adequacy between religious offer and interest in the observed case.

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