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Coupling between cavity mode and heavy-hole exciton and light-hole exciton in semiconductor microcavity

  • liu, wk
  • lin, sm
  • zhang, cs
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2002
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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The reflectivity spectra at different incident angles of semiconductor microcavity having heavy-hole exciton and light-hole exciton are calculated ly transfer matrix method using the linear dispersion model. Meanwhile we calculate the energy of three cavity polaritons at different incident angles formed by the coupling between cavity mode and the two exciton modes using the three harmonic oscillators coupling model, and the weights of cavity mode and the two exciton modes in the three cavity polaritons. The results indicate that there is obvious anticross between the high energy cavity polariton and the two low energy cavity polaritons with increasing incident angles, and the weights of three modes(cavity mode, heavy-hole exciton mode and light-hole exciton mode) in the three cavity polaritons increase or decrease.

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