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Coupled meso-macro simulation of woven fabric local deformation during draping

  • Iwata, Akira;
  • Inoue, Takuya;
  • Naouar, Naim;
  • Boisse, Philippe;
  • Lomov, Stepan V; 5593;
Publication Date
Mar 01, 2019
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© 2019 Elsevier Ltd The prediction of yarn buckling and distortions require detailed modelling of the fabric and yarns deformations on the meso-level (level of the interlacing structure). In the current research, computationally viable meso-level simulation is achieved by coupling continuous macro draping simulation with a local meso-modeling in the location where the defects are expected to occur. The macro-simulation uses a membrane-shell continuous model of the fabric. A hyperelastic constitutive model for the yarns (Charmetant – Boisse) is used in the meso-modelling. The model parameters are identified and validated in independent tension, shear, compaction and bending tests of the yarn and the fabric. The simulation reproduces local yarn slippage and buckling, e.g., the yarn distortion on the 3D mould corner. The simulations are compared with the local fabric distortions observed during draping experiments for two carbon plain weave fabrics (12K carbon-fibre tows and with spread tows) on a hemispherical and on a box-shaped moulds. / status: published

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