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Counteracting in vitro toxicity of the ionophoric mycotoxin beauvericin : synthetic receptors to the rescue

  • Ornelis, Vincent
  • Rajkovic, Andreja
  • Decleer, Marlies
  • Sas, Benedikt
  • De Saeger, Sarah
  • Madder, Annemieke
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2019
Ghent University Institutional Archive
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Beauvericin (BEA) and enniatins are toxic ionophoric cyclodepsipeptides that mainly occur in grains. As such, their presence in food commodities poses a concern for public health. To date, despite recent European Food Safety Authority emphasis on the need for more data to evaluate long-term toxicity effects, no suitable affinity reagents are available to detect the presence of BEA and derivatives in food samples. We here report on the synthesis of a small library of artificial receptors with varying cavity sizes and different hydrophobic building blocks. Immobilization of one of the receptors on solid support resulted in a strong retention of beauvericin, thus revealing promising properties as solid-phase extraction material for sample pretreatment. Furthermore, treatment of HepG2 cells with the most promising receptor markedly reduced beauvericin-induced cytotoxicity, hinting toward the possibility of using synthetic receptors as antidotes against ionophoric toxins.

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