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[Counselling for erectile dysfunction during inpatient rehabilitation after radical prostatectomy].

  • Vahlensieck, W
  • Sommer, F
  • Mathers, M J
  • Gilbert, T
  • Waidelich, R
Published Article
Der Urologe. Ausg. A
Publication Date
Apr 01, 2011
DOI: 10.1007/s00120-010-2476-4
PMID: 21369872


For men erectile function is essential for quality of life. Besides urine incontinence postsurgical erectile dysfunction (ED) following radical prostatectomy (RPE) represents a significant and prevalent problem. One of the first approaches to this condition should be a consultation performed by professionals in a rehabilitation clinic.A total of 149 patients post RPE participated in this prospective study. All patients were questioned about their understanding of postoperative surgical ED after RPE and if affected they were asked about their own psychological burden as well as their knowledge of possible therapy options. The qualities of presurgical patient information as well as the modules of information pertaining to ED during the rehabilitation were evaluated. Of the patients, 53% expressed that they experienced a considerable burden due to postsurgical ED during their follow-up rehabilitation (AR group) and 70% of the patients during oncological rehabilitation treatment (rehab group). Men who were sexually more active prior to surgery suffered more from postsurgical ED than their less active counterparts. A negative correlation between psychological burden and age was found in the AR group, which however was levelled in the rehab group. Particularly in older patients the burden of ED increases with more time elapsing after the operation. The medical information on ED therapy options provided during the inpatient rehabilitation was considered to be essential by 60% of the men in the AR group and 48% of the patients in the rehab group.Therapeutic possibilities for postsurgical ED following RPE cannot always be given to patients in the preoperative phase or during their stay in the hospital. Since however a large majority of men suffer from postoperative ED following RPE a specialized inpatient urological rehabilitation is suited for a comprehensive consultation.


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