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Cosmological Parameters from Velocities, CMB and Supernovae

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DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-8711.2001.04009.x
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We compare and combine likelihood functions of the cosmological parameters Omega_m, h and sigma_8, from peculiar velocities, CMB and type Ia supernovae. These three data sets directly probe the mass in the Universe, without the need to relate the galaxy distribution to the underlying mass via a "biasing" relation. We include the recent results from the CMB experiments BOOMERANG and MAXIMA-1. Our analysis assumes a flat Lambda CDM cosmology with a scale-invariant adiabatic initial power spectrum and baryonic fraction as inferred from big-bang nucleosynthesis. We find that all three data sets agree well, overlapping significantly at the 2 sigma level. This therefore justifies a joint analysis, in which we find a joint best fit point and 95 per cent confidence limits of Omega_m=0.28 (0.17,0.39), h=0.74 (0.64,0.86), and sigma_8=1.17 (0.98,1.37). In terms of the natural parameter combinations for these data sigma_8 Omega_m^0.6 = 0.54 (0.40,0.73), Omega_m h = 0.21 (0.16,0.27). Also for the best fit point, Q_rms-ps = 19.7 muK and the age of the universe is 13.2 Gyr.


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