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Correlations between Chromosome Segments and Fitness in DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER. I. the X Chromosome and Egg Production

  • William Chapco
Publication Date
Apr 01, 1977


Unmarked segments within the X chromosomes of four different Drosophila melanogaster isogenic lines were assessed with respect to egg production. By making a series of crosses among original and derived recombinant lines, it was possible to estimate parameters representing additive, dominance and interaction effects of the segments. It was shown that whereas most of the segments were additive for egg production when homozygous, they all displayed dominance in the heterozygous condition. Two of the strains were characterized by intersegmental interaction. A possible position effect was detected for these same two strains, with flies in the coupling phase laying more eggs than those in the repulsion configuration. There was no apparent relationship between the number of eggs laid and the amount of heterozygosity within the X chromosome.

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